A Simple Guide to Indoor Plants according to Feng Shui

You’ve probably heard about Feng Shui, but do you actually know what it is? Well, if the answer is no, here’s a little explanation for you. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science that teaches people how to balance different energies in the space to ensure the happiness and health of people living […]

How to Select the Ideal Verandah For Yourself

Verandahs are the growing fad in today’s day for all kinds of home owners. Verandahs have gone from being a simple and plain structure to being a structure constructed out of pure elegance, design, versatility and patterns built in the variety of shapes and sizes. Verandahs are known to be more than just a construction […]

Personalisation of everyday products: 3 of Australia’s Best Companies

No longer do you need to leave home carrying the same space grey iPhone, running into a lady wearing the same handbag as you. Let your personality shine through and express your uniqueness with products from these great suppliers. 1. Mon Purse: customised handbags Armed with a custom designed handbag, tote bag, clutch or pouch […]

We should talk about Japandi: the hottest new design movement

A guest blog post written by Chloe Taylor. Image 1 source: dailytelegraph.com.au Most people have already heard about two interior design styles called Japanese and Scandinavian trends that took the world by storm. However, the mix of the two, still young but even more popular trend called Japandi is bound to take the first place […]

Koala Mattress & Sleeping Duck Mattress & Ecosa Mattress & Greywing Mattress

There is no doubt that the success of the Casper mattress in the USA has been nothing short of amazing becoming a $100 million dollar company in less than 2 years! They began in 2014 selling a single model at an affordable price, delivered it in a box and offered a 100-day free trial and […]

The perfect gift for your teacher

  The end of school year is fast approcahing and that means kids wanting to buy gifts for their wonderful teachers. A huge number of Ruby Olive‘s customers are teachers….SO…what better present for a teacher, than some fabulously fun Ruby Olive Jewellery. Ruby Olive have put together some fabulous promotions and coupons that are perfect […]

2017 Home Improvement Trends that will Rock

A guest blog post written by Chloe Taylor. The place of design greatness is where low-maintenance and functionality meet a high, beautiful design. These qualities rank supreme with homeowners, buyers, and renters. Still, many of them struggle to stay on top of cutting-edge innovations hitting the market. The list of must-haves is getting longer, and […]

Here’s what NOT to do: Avoid these top interior design mistakes

A few small tweaks to your space can make all the difference. Knowing right from wrong can transform a cramped and chaotic space into one that is organized and cozy, can create a sense of order and balance. Read on as we help clarify what’s right and what’s wrong with these top 5 common mistakes.