A guest blog post written by Chloe Taylor.

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The place of design greatness is where low-maintenance and functionality meet a high, beautiful design. These qualities rank supreme with homeowners, buyers, and renters. Still, many of them struggle to stay on top of cutting-edge innovations hitting the market.

The list of must-haves is getting longer, and financial constraints can be rather frustrating. However, those who play it smart can experience what it means to be a proud homeowner in the age of the digital revolution, smart cities, engineering prowess, and mind-blowing design grandeur.

Breaking new ground

Smart technology, home automation, and the internet of things (IoT) have a profound impact on the interior landscape. They have produced a plethora of stunning innovations in the area of home entertainment, security, safety, energy-efficiency, and pure awesomeness.

In 2017 and beyond, it is expected that more appliances and devices will be equipped with smart functions, allowing inanimate things to “learn” our behaviour patterns. We are also on the doorsteps of the brave new world of virtual reality. This tech allows you to experience new home in 3D even before the real work starts.

Material changes

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There are many new materials that spark attention of designers and connoisseurs. Quartz has been established as a viable alternative to marble, granite and natural stones when it comes to surfaces such as countertops. Furthermore, outdoor fabrics have found their way inside many homes.

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Their durability makes them a perfect solution for high-traffic areas such as living or dining rooms. Stainless steel has been infused with more appeal, as it involves softer finishes and lower maintenance requirements. Yet, some people claim that matte finishes will slowly replace stainless steel in 2016 and 2017.

Making room

Adding an extra space or a room may be costly, but it also injects much value to the home and enables new ways of space utilisation. For example, with the growing number of work-at-home people, dedicated workspaces have gained traction. A superb design includes high-quality office furniture, well-positioned electrical outlets, plenty of light, and a personalised décor.


Now, a home design does not only borrow from commercial spaces. One interesting trend is the implementation of restaurant features into homes. Take the example of Kalamazoo’s Smoker Cabinet with a gravity-feed charcoal design, ideal for backyard meat smoking and barbecues.

Revolution solution

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Solutions like extra-large-format tiles are found in many contemporary homes, and patterns are getting wilder and wilder. Statement mirrors now adorn bathrooms, kitchens, and other unexpected places. They visually enhance the space, especially when working their magic hand in hand with lighting fittings.

LED is already old news, but a circadian light seems like a pioneering tech: The new smart bulbs change the colour in accordance with the body’s circadian rhythm. There are many other products in development that will reflect the mood and respond to our bodily functions. So, it is clear that the décor will join the smart club too.

Testing the waters

“Super-premium” appliances are expected to delight many new customers with deep pockets. Sleek finishes and extensive controls are among the most popular high-end features. The latter improvement is more consequential as it echoes the smart tech revolution. Namely, top-of-the-line appliances of today are loaded with smart functionalities and Wi-Fi connectivity.


Energy efficiency is still one of the top priorities, though. Just take a look at an AquaBoy Pro II from Aquarius Brands. This device is actually an atmospheric water generator which summons up to five gallons of purified water from the air. Smart water heaters also show great promise when it comes to savings.

Into the future

Prime simplicity, ease of living, visual bliss, luxury home amenities, clean aesthetics, energy efficiency, and tech integration: These are the forces to be reckoned with, ones that are changing the face of the global residential ecosystem. Smart innovations run deep, and encompass nearly all household objects, not just the appliances.


There will be an even bigger boom in the field of Wi-Fi enabled products, so make an effort to stay in tune with these exciting developments. Get ahead of the crowd and be ready to stand out: The future of design is now, and it is waiting on your doorsteps.