Want to look flawless for your date with only a few minutes to spare? We hear you.  Whether you’re rushing from work or running around doing errands, achieving a stunning date look is possible in just a few minutes.

Check out our foolproof date prep hacks to take you from day to night:

1. Keep your favourite red lipstick on hand.

Red lipstick is a gift from beauty gods to women. Celebrities ranging from Marilyn Monroe to Taylor Swift swear by the power of luscious, red lips that make countless men fall at their feet.

The best part? Red lipstick transforms you in just a few seconds. Stash a scarlet lippie into your purse to freshen up your look anytime. Add a tinge of eyeshadow or wear a cute pair of glasses to help make your red lips pop.

2. Tame that mane quick.

They say great hair is half the battle and we take that saying to heart. Set aside a few minutes in the morning to create a beautiful blowout that can easily take you through date night. A word of caution, however: not all hair dryers are created equal. We personally love using Parlux hair dryers for that salon-quality blowout.

If you feel like going for a clean updo, stash some 555 bobby pins into your purse to fix your hair in place. You can also twist and pin your hair overnight for beautifully set curls that are good-to-go upon awakening from slumber.

3. Lay out your outfit the night before.

Between making breakfast, thinking of the day’s tasks, and struggling to look like a human being, mornings can leave you with little room for creative decisions.  A great way to secure your date night outfit is to plan what to wear the night before. Put your selected clothes and accessories into one area so you can shimmy into them the next morning.

When planning, don’t be afraid to experiment with day-to-night outfits. If you think your LBD is too sexy for work, don’t hold off on wearing it. Simply throw a tailored blazer over it during the day.

4. Spritz on your favourite fragrance.

A great scent can make your date draw closer but remember, a little goes a long way.

Choose one or two areas to spray perfume on: wrists, back of the knees, nape of the neck, behind the ears, or lightly brushed through your hair. Never go beyond two, lest you want your date to think you are covering up for something.

5. Smile and be confident.

Nothing is sexier to a man than a confident woman. If you keep fussing with your hair or clothes, your date is going to notice that you’re more conscious of yourself than you are of him.

Make sure to brush your pearly whites and put them on display. Hair, makeup and clothes can only take you so far, but a smile is powerful enough to secure that next date.

Even with five minutes to spare, looking put-together for your date is totally achievable. Our hacks will take you from chaos to romance-ready – and we promise he won’t even notice anything out of place.