Whether it’s fitting for the season or your first time decorating an outdoor space of your own, this is not about the design elements that we collect for entertaining with a sense of style, this is about treating ourselves in the style we truly deserve!

What you do need is a place to curl up, a place of your very own to enjoy the outdoor breeze, a place to call your own. That can mean different things for different people. Here are some ideas to help you think outside the box, to create your own outside oasis and colour tips to help make it happen!


Whether it is suspended from a sold frame or between two trees, the beauty of a hammock is it’s feeling of freedom. If you are installing it or hanging it from a sturdy metal or wooden frame you can have your own outdoor place of solitude without having to invest in a patio or deck. Here are some helpful tips to know:

Woven hammocks are generally made from cotton or nylon, which is very durable and long lasting.

They are amazingly flexible and comfortable for people of almost any weight or height!

They are available as a woven elastic design with cords of varying colors and patterns, with or without decorative fringe.

Colour TIps:

The color selections when purchasing a hammock are almost endless. They can range from hand woven Mayan hammocks which are generally in earthier color palettes to the brilliantly colorful hammocks of the Caribbean. There is nowhere better to take an afternoon nap, than in the gentle swing of a hammock enjoying the summer breeze!


Wicker is popular all over the world, and has been widely used in this country since it was first released in the Victorian Era. Originally made of rattan, the term actually refers to any furniture that is made from woven materials, such as reeds, cane, and other plant fibers. Reminiscent of the art of basket weaving, wicker has many appealing traits which is why it maintains its popularity.

There are several qualities that make wicker the outdoor furniture of choice:

It is open to the air and is comfortable to sit in as the chair breathes the open air around it.

Wicker is more comfortable to sit on than a solid piece of wood due to the air circulation in warmer climates.

Because of it’s breathability it is more hygienic that upholstered pieces in the warmer weather.

Wicker can withstand the heat and humidity of any climate.

It is available in a wide range of styles from Victorian to Contemporary.

Wicker is now available in synthetic materials that can endure not only the stresses of weather but are pest-resistant as well.

Colour Tips:

Wicker itself is the natural color of rattan. Nowadays it is available in a range of colors from it’s natural state to a stained richer color, all the way to painted wicker in a range of colors. Some may prefer the less colorful wicker, bringing in your color with the cushions and accessories that you add into your space.


Porch Swing:

The ever-popular porch swing is as relaxing as the classic rocking chair. I researched porch swings and was surprised at the repeated claims that the repetitive motion lowers stress, reduces your heart rate and calms your breathing. These were the most common of the many health benefits I read about. Clearly the porch swing is a great place to relax and unwind. As the swing is installed either hanging from the porch ceiling (as pictured) or in the glider style gliding back and forth, either one will work comfortably under the cover of the porch ceiling. The beauty of this is that you can enjoy the porch swing any time the weather will allow. I imagine there are few things as relaxing as rocking on the porch swing while listening to the gentle rain on the roof above.

Colour Tips:

A porch swing can be enjoyed with our without cushions. I have always loved that it can be as comfortable as a full sofa with the right cushions and pillows, making it more of a year round space in contrast to the other options. The cushions add considerably more padding and can be as bright a summer pattern as you wish or can be decorated with richer cool-weather colors. I strongly recommend buying colors that are seasonal as it ignites your excitement for the space when you freshen up the space with new colors!


So for those who have already decorated, purchased the lawn furniture and hung the decorative plants and seeded cut and landscaped the lawn, well, the hard work is done and it is time to relax! Time to catch your breath and enjoy the quiet moments that only the outdoors can bring.

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