Ever wonder which celebs out there are décor aficionados? then wonder how they decorate their homes? Well we’ve compiled a list based on novelist Peter Mountford’s experiences selling furniture to celebrities while working a day job at an LA store.

Who: Bridget Fonda, married to Danny Elfman. What: Everything, apparently, especially big decorative pots.

Who: Victoria Beckham. What: Mountford is not saying, but he mentions that she wears her sunglasses indoors, even through lunch.

Who: Sharon Stone. What: Missoni bathrobe and several $250 coral-encrusted pillows. And if you like those, you’ll love our cushions.

Who: Linda Hunt (character actress who voiced Edna Mode in The Incredibles). What: Almost bought some wicker chairs. Teeny tiny, super cool.

Who: Jennifer Lopez and then-fiancé Marc Anthony. What: 50 napkin rings. Also wanted 50 dainty teacups, but the store’s were not dainty enough. Turns out they were for their wedding.

Who: Rebecca Romjin just before she dumped John Stamos. What: $5,000 mink throw.

What have we learned? Stars also buy furniture and housewares.

Are there any celebrities you would dare to stalk if you spotted them at a furniture store — just to see what they bought? Post a comment!