Most homeowners, especially those who live in a climate that’s mild all year round, want to spend as much time as possible in their outdoor spaces. They are perfect for a morning coffee, evening glass of wine, family gatherings and summer parties with friends, so you have to make your patio fit for all of these activities. If you want your outdoor space to be comfy, beautiful and functional, here’s a little guide on how you can make a cozy patio everybody wants.

Pick up some pillows

Most patios are all about comfort and coziness, and pillows are there to make that happen. If you have patio furniture that doesn’t come with pillows, you can make your own or get them at every furniture store. Even choosing you patio pillows, make sure you opt for a good quality outdoor fabric that doesn’t fade and is resistant to mildew. Also, your pillows will stay in best shape for a long time if you store them inside during colder months.

For memorable gatherings

Patios are perfect for all sorts of gatherings and al fresco dining, so you must provide it with some comfy seating space. If you want to use your patio mostly for relaxing and lounging, you can invest in some rockers, recliners, daybeds or hammocks that are all perfect for stretching out after a tasty meal. However, if you want to host dinner parties, you must have taller chairs and a bigger table. You can check out The Furniture Shack and their outdoor dining furniture sets that will turn every outdoor space into a 5-star restaurant. And what’s a party without some music? Consider installing some outdoor speakers to enjoy your favourite songs and sing along with your friends. Just don’t be too loud if you have neighbours.

Outside bar

Since we established that patios are perfect for chilling with a cold drink, how awesome would it be to have an outdoor bar? This way, you can have all the drinks at your hand’s reach, and you don’t have to enter your kitchen every time you need a refill. Your throat will remain wet and your home clean.

Flower power

What’s an outdoor space without some colourful flowers? No matter how much or how little space you have, there are always ways you can incorporate some greenery into your patio. If your patio can boast with its size, you can get some big contemporary pots and plant your favourite plants, but if you don’t have enough space for a standing planter, you can take your gardening to the wall. Create a cute hanging garden with simple yet adorable small planters that will instantly breathe new life into your outdoor space. Another very cool thing you can create is a so-called fairy garden. It’s perfect for those people who always dreamed of having a tranquil garden with a stone path, a lot of flowers and a peaceful little bench. Now you can make your dream come true, only in much smaller dimensions.

Welcome little birds

If you love to have your first cup of coffee in the morning to the sound of birds chirping, then you definitely need a birdhouse or a bird feeder. They are both quite easy to make. You can turn it into a cool little family project and help the little birdies in the process.

Good lighting is a must

Good lighting is a must for every outdoor space. You can hang a few string lights or lanterns that will not only give you illumination when the sun goes down but also create a relaxing atmosphere. You can also incorporate a fire bowl that’s perfect for romantic but chilly nights.

As you can see, you don’t need much to turn your old patio into a dream outdoor space. You only need some comfy seating, some greenery and a few beautiful decorative details to finish up. If you do all of that, you’ll never want to go inside again.

A guest blog post written by Chloe Taylor.