There is no doubt that the success of the Casper mattress in the USA has been nothing short of amazing becoming a $100 million dollar company in less than 2 years! They began in 2014 selling a single model at an affordable price, delivered it in a box and offered a 100-day free trial and they shook the industry to the core.


Now Australia has it’s answers, introducing the Koala Mattress, Ecosa Mattress, Greywing Mattress and the Sleeping Duck Mattress. All offering a single SKU, quick boxed delivery, an affordable price and near perfect review scores from their customers!


Koala have re-invented the mattress and are proudly Australian-made. Buying a mattress used to be complicated, so many options, so much technical blah and then you only get a brief lie test in the shop before committing to a purchase. Now the new era is here where the only thing you need to know is what size mattress you need!

Koala use a unique Kloud Comfort Layer uses their famous Zero Disturbance Technology that can’t be found in any other mattress. Combine that with their lively base, your body weight will be distributed perfectly throughout the mattress giving you a peaceful sleep every single night of the year. They’re so confident you’ll fall in love with your Koala mattress that if you aren’t getting the best sleep of your life in the first 120 days they will come pick it up for free and give you a full refund.


Sleeping Duck, 100% Australian-owned have also redesigned the mattress creating a hybrid design using both foam and springs to give you the perfect sleep.

Three key factors influenced design: comfort, firmness and support. The base uses a 5-zone pocket spring system to cater for all heights and so you won’t notice your partner’s tossing or turning. The middle layer offers 3 options: a medium firmness, firm, or a half-half option for those couples who can’t agree! Finally a top layer offers outstanding comfort by using bamboo fabric which is designed for maximum breathability, a natural latex that bounces back to match your sleeping position and a gel memory foam that conforms to your body to redistribute your pressure points and if that’s not enough it has millions of little gel beads that assist in regulating your temperature throughout the night.

Sleeping Duck offer a 100 day guarantee – if you’re not completely happy within 100 nights, they’ll change the firmness or offer a full refund!


The science that went into creating Ecosa’s mattress is utterly breathtaking. Factoring into account these 12 key areas – firmness, rebound speed, airflow, environment, scent, temperature regulation, comfort, health, back support, allergy, durability and partner disturbance. This research has guided them to the perfect recipe of support foams, gel memory foam and natural latex to produce one outstanding mattress.

What are you waiting for? Order an Ecosa mattress today and sleep easy with a 15 year warranty and a 100 day trial and enjoy free shipping to your door.



Are you looking for a mattress that will adapt to your body shape and sleeping position? The Greywing mattress is engineered for comfort with special care to include a comfort layer that will allow airflow and a cover that not only warms you in winter but prevents overheating in the hotter months.

Greywing mattresses are handcrafted in Australia! They use a high-density support layer, a premium adaptive memory foam and an exclusive responsive comfort layer that gives you a mattress that is not too hard nor too soft.

Relish the 100 night free trial and the 5,000+ night (15 year) warranty! If the mattress isn’t right for you, Greywing will pick up the mattress for free and provide a full refund.


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QUEEN $1349 AUD*

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*While Koala Mattress literally has 1 mattress available in 5 standard sizes (Single, King Single, Double, Queen and King) Sleeping Duck offers the same but with a medium or firm option for each, and the Queen and King sizes also have the half-half firmness option (at an additional cost).

Nothing separates these three mattress behemoths when it comes to what the Australian public think!

Koala Mattress Review Australia: 4.8/5

Sleeping Duck Mattress Review Australia: 4.8/5

Ecosa Mattress Review Australia: 4.6/5

Greywing Mattress Review Australia – too few reviews to include

Review scores from as of 19/09/17.

So which do we recommend?

That is a tough question! We prefer to remain unbiased and let the public decide. In saying that, the Greywing mattress is the cheapest option, whilst still offering the trial period so if cost is the deciding factor…

[UPDATED 19/09/2017] Added Ecosa & Greywing mattresses.