Verandahs are the growing fad in today’s day for all kinds of home owners. Verandahs have gone from being a simple and plain structure to being a structure constructed out of pure elegance, design, versatility and patterns built in the variety of shapes and sizes.

Verandahs are known to be more than just a construction to upgrade the looks of your home and can be very useful with its additional space features for outdoor activities or just a place to sit and enjoy the view of your garden while drinking your coffee.

The value of any home is most definitely upgraded by a verandah, in turn increasing the rate or value of your property.

Are you considering the thought of having a verandah for your home?

While pondering on the thought of having a verandah, the questions that arise in regards to the same are many.

Questions like ‘what type of verandah do you want’ or ‘how will a verandah suit your home and its layout or décor’ are a few of the many questions that one is bewildered by.

What you need to keep in mind while thinking of a verandah for your home?

If you are thinking of getting a verandah for your property it is important to remember that the verandah will be one of the first things a guest or visitor notices about your home and can even be considered as the first look or impression of your home.

It is important to remember this as the looks, dimensions, shape and layout or design of you verandah solely depends on the same.

It is easier to select the area, roof profile and structure options when you are aware of what kind of look you intend to have for your verandah and how the space you put towards your verandah construction will be utilized.

The total area or space

It is essential to make a note of the available space and area size for your verandah. It is possible that the available space is limited by a few boundaries that do not suit your intended verandah because of a lack of space or area.

One of the first hand procedures is to mark the space available for the construction of a verandah.

How to make the most of the available area for the verandah

The decisions to make in regards to using the area available is completely dependent on you and your views of your family’s requirements and preferences after all it is your verdict or say in the matter or whether an outdoor entertainment space is a better option that a garden for outdoor relaxation or vice versa.

The ideas that take over your mind while thinking of a verandah might be numerous; however they need to adhere to the boundaries of the available area.

Selecting the appropriate or most suitable roof profile for your needs

The market offers a bafflingly wide range of roof designs to select from when it comes to verandahs.

The designs to choose from are many including designs that include those of metal and timber construction, rafters or trusses, gable infills, skylights, double sided color roofing and others. However it is essential to keep in mind that only certain roof designs may suit your house structure due to various technical restrictions.

The best thing to do would be to consult a professional to help you select the best roof or your verandah that does not go against the technical restrictions of your house structure.

Your desired verandah structure

Selecting a style or design is nothing but a matter of personal choice and varies from home owner to home owner. Remembering that a small compromise in designs can add more to the functionality options and features, will take you a long way to prove really helpful.

There are many options available to choose from for a verandah like Flat, Gable, and Curved structures. But it is necessary to pick a style that suits the overall design, size, layout and theme for your home or property, to ensure that the verandah looks like part of the property and creates the feeling that it was constructed at the time that your home was built.

The Price factor

The price factor can be a determining factor in regards to selecting the verandah design for your home.

For an example flat verandah are a good choice for any home owner restricted by a low budget while curved verandahs or gable verandahs are an option for those home owners that don’t mind a little money splurging.

Whatever the desire of a verandah, it is important to make sure that they abide by the limitations of your budget.

The decorative options

The decorative looks of a verandah are an important part of obtaining the ideal verandah too.

Here are a few tips in regards to knowing what decorative option you need to opt for as per your requirements.


The above write up should be able to provide an insight to verandahs and how to select an ideal one as per your requirements; however the decision is still yours to make in regards to the various choices.

A professional’s advice is highly recommended as they will be able to cater to the technical issues related to your home’s individuality and it is important to know an expert’s view before making a solid choice or decision.

About the Author

Darren Wallis and his team of highly skilled professionals specialize in providing your home with the best outdoor verandah and stratco outback verandahs in Melbourne.

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