The word vintage pulls up a number of images when attached to furniture. The first and most obvious is one of aged styles. It also brings up images attached to new old looking clothing, vinyl records and generally things that have been out of the mainstream for some time.  While this is society’s definition of the word, there’s more to it when it comes to furniture style.

Defining the word and style (Vintage Furniture)

“Vintage” is defined as something of high quality that demonstrates styles of the past.  Because of the use that society has put on the word vintage, it is important to note that the word applies to a lot more than merely something you can find in your grandparent’s attic. This particular style applies to various types of furniture, the most important qualities being those that show age and high attention to detail.

When you go to a furniture store and ask for vintage furniture, you may find a number of styles presented to you, not all of which include aged furniture.  The store owner usually assumes you might be looking for a certain style, not a certain age of furniture.  This could end up with anything from a reproduction of an item to a modern piece that has been termed vintage because it’s manufacturer was hoping to add a bit of romance to their sales presentation.  You can see how confusing it is, to only mean aged furniture could get you in an entirely different type of style than you planned.

Vintage Furniture via our site

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Rochefort Commode - Vintage Silver - Brosa Furniture

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Rochefort Vintage Desk - Distressed Grey - Brosa Furniture



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